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High cash payment from India.to for your referrals. Effective July 25, 2008, receive up to Rs. 3000 cash payment for every referral sign up you refer to us. Sign-up for the Affiliate Program is free and open to everyone (even non-customers). We provide the banners, buttons, links and the great service that sells itself. Sign-up today and start earning cash!

Receive up to Rs. 3000 cash payment for every referral!
What you get:
  • Rs.3000 for every successful Unlimited Hosting plan sign-up
  • Rs. 1500 for every successful Expert Hosting plan sign-up
  • Rs. 100 for every successful FREE Web Hosting plan sign-up
  • Promotion of a proven product with more than 5,000 customers
  • Payment by either check or Paypal


    Referral Plans: You get (Rupees):
    Free Hosting Plan Rs. 100
    Starter Hosting Plan Rs. 300
    Business Hosting Plan Rs. 500
    Professional Hosting Plan Rs. 1000
    Expert Hosting Plan Rs. 1500
    Unlimited Hosting Plan Rs. 3000

    * These payout schemes apply for new sign-up starting from July 25, 2008.


    How it works:
  • Retrieve and install your referral tracking link on your website
  • You will be paid for referrals who sign up with us by clicking on your referral tracking link
  • View click-through ratios of your links or banners online
  • View payments by referral
  • Track your commission payouts


    Payout Examples:
    Packages: You get (Rupees):
    3 FREE Hosting Plan Rs. 300
    1 Starter Hosting Plan + 1 Business Hosting Plan + 1 Expert Hosting Plan Rs. 2300
    3 Unlimited Hosting Plan Rs. 9000


    India.to offers one of the most rewarding Affiliate Programs available on the web today.

    India.to Affiliate Program Rules
    We are excited to have you join our affiliate program. We will do everything we can to make you as successful as possible.

    Listed below are the rules associated with our affiliate program.
  • Affiliates will be paid for every successful new sign-up referred to India.to as tracked via the referral tracking link
  • New sign-ups must stay a minimum of 120 days for affiliate commission to be paid
  • Affiliates are paid monthly after minimum balance of Rs. 10000 are made
  • If a referral changes their service plan within 120 days of their sign-up, the referral commission of the lower priced plan will be paid
  • If a referral cancels or charge-backs, the affiliate will not be paid a referral commission


    If you are already client of India.to, go to client area and click on afiiliate link. Activate your affiliatre account, and start making money.